After last week’s introduction, I think it’s a good idea to address some of the statistics to which I alluded.

Firstly, this is not an account of activities that formed part of a corporate master plan. Rather this is how the journey unfolded and how each opportunity was maximised. Secondly, these posts are about sharing my experiences with a wider audience.

Over 26 years of business, these are some of my achievements:

  • 17 companies founded,
  • 7 being disruptive,
  • 2 no longer trading,
  • 3 being sold,
  • with the oldest, 26 years old,
  • and the youngest, a 6-month infant.

The common thread through all these endeavours is technology, combined with the curiosity and drive to harness the greatest potential of every opportunity.

So, having established some credentials, now it’s time to chat about some of these experiences. At first, selling clothing overruns was my only viable option. The clothing manufacturer extended me credit, negating the need for capital to purchase stock. This venture kept the wolf from the door, allowing work to commence on the bigger idea; a debt management business.

From the start, quality of service has been my ethos. If something was promised by Wednesday, it was delivered on Tuesday afternoon. Soon my customer base grew and the company was looking after bigger mandates.

Initial modest success lead to greater numbers and eventually, automation was needed to cope with what was a sequential and predictable process. The hard work was starting to pay off.

This would be the era of my first disruptive episode.