Howard Blake homeThe year was 1990 and the fax machine was the bleeding edge of technology. Without any apparent prospects and with many mouths to feed, Howard Blake was forced to start a business to take care of his young family. With no strategic plan, no market analysis and no financing, I was driven solely by necessity to make a success of this new gamble. So the journey began.

At first, business was rough. Sparse financing meant that my venture required instant cash flows and needed to reap an immediate profit for me to survive. But it was tough going and after a short stint selling clothing overruns, I decided to make a change.

And what a change it was! My business, assisting companies in the management of their debtor’s books, quickly grew from me working out of my kitchen, to a business that would eventually span three continents.

The aim of this blog will be to give the reader some insight into how this success unfolded. You may have noticed the earlier reference to the fax machine. This is relevant, as technology played a major role in the growth of my business interests. As we will see, I used technology and circumstance to disrupt the old order of business and produce new and better ways to achieve results. Yes, I used disruptive technology before it was the buzzword widely used today. There are new opportunities around every corner, as the world searches for better and more efficient ways to do things. Every day the old order of business is being disrupted by better ideas and more advanced technologies.

I am still disrupting and will continue to do so. On this blog, I intend to share these and other experiences with you.